Free from my prison.

Free from my prison.

I was terrified, each and every time, planned and unplanned I've done them both, doesn't matter you're not alone, I was terrified I'd fuck it up and I didn't tell a soul.

 Still am at times, or should say I was, I have you now.

I have a different perspective now, I ask myself better questions, I'm squared away with my purpose, I'm able to sight in on targets and accomplish objectives becoase of the way I've trained with the marines, learned with wake up warrior, and paid close attention to the men around me failing and succeeding and taking the lessons that apply to me and taking action.


That's what we're here for, it's what I created this for.


"Let no mans ghost say I could have".


A quote from staff sergeant Farrah mcrd...and I love that quote.


What do you want in your life to change?

Do you have the mindsets and skills sets and support to sight in and take action to make your life and the life of your children better?


I was scared for decades.

Consider you are not alone my friend.

Where we are now matters.

Where we are now matters.